Cascade Tap It Tuesday Presents Früit Loops

Charles "Big Hamme" Culp taps the barrel at Cascade Brewing Barrel House with Preston Weesner

This just in from the folks at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House:

Our Live from the Barrel program – known as Tap It Tuesday – takes place every Tuesday at 6 PM. at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House, 939 SE Belmont.  Tonight’s beer is Früit Loops, originally a staff-only beer and our biggest blend to date.

Cascade Brewing Barrel HouseApricot and Noyeaux combine to start this beer out with sweet, tart fruit aromatics reminiscent of the yellow and orange cereal loops.  Razberry Wheat and Frite Galois join in to set the deep fruit base with the taste of the red flavor.  Finally, Sang Noir was added to the center of the glass to bring in the purple and complete the “früit loop.” Lest you worry it may sound too sweet, don’t fret – most of the sweetness is found in the nose.  The beer itself has only a hint of sweet that blends perfectly with the sour that we’re known for.

We’ve just put our Cascade EPA on tap.  This easy drinking English style pub IPA is a nice balance of Crystal, Brewers Gold and Kent Goldings hops. Floor malted English malts follow, and Crystal and amber grains round it out.  Notes of toasted biscuits and spice greet the palate, followed by a slight hop bite.  At 5.4% ABV, this is a great beer with which to have a spirited discussion of the topic of the day.