Cicerone Exam Comes To Portland

Cicerone is a new designation for those who have demonstrated their knowledge and experience to “ensure that consumers receive the best possible beer and enjoy its flavors to the greatest extent possible.”

Ray Daniels, director of the Cicerone Certification Program, wanted us to pass along this information for those of you who might be interested in furthering your craft beer education.

Late February Certified Cicerone(tm) Exam and Advanced Courses in Portland!

Feb. 22-23

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., Brewery location

929 N. Russell St.

Portland, OR 97227

Note: Advance registration required.

Dear Cicerone Certification Program Participant,

Please join us for a Certified Cicerone exam and Advanced Courses at Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., one of the pioneer craft breweries in the U.S. Certified Cicerone(tm) Exam – Tuesday Feb. 23, 8 am to noon.

Here’s a chance for folks in Portland to take the Certified Cicerone exam right in the city, at Widmer.

Click here to register for the exam.

Advanced Courses, Monday Feb. 22, 8:30 am to 5 pm

Prior to the exam, program director Ray Daniels will teach Draft Beer Systems & Advanced Beer Service, and and Advanced Beer Styles (German and Belgian). These two courses will help prepare individuals to take the Certified Cicerone exam. This can be taken as a review the day before the exam or as part of a longer-term preparation process.

Advanced Beer Styles begins at 8:30 am

Draft Beer Systems & Beer Service begins at 1 pm

Use these links to register for one or both of the advanced courses.

Advanced Beer Styles German & Belgian

Advanced Draft Systems and Service

Combined Advanced Courses

Advanced Course Details

Advanced Beer Styles:

– Advanced beer quantitation: gravity, attenuation, BU:GU ratios

– German pale lagers

– German dark lagers

– German wheat beers

– German Rhine ales

– Belgian abbey and trappist ales

– Belgian farmhouse ales

– Belgian lambics & Flanders ales

Draft Systems & Advanced Beer Service:

– Enemies of beer – skunking, oxidation, heat, infection

– Proper handling & dispense: corked & bottle-conditioned beers

– Draft system components, structure & balance

– Draft system operation & maintenance

– Beer glassware

Online Review Course

Online review classes, highlighting key point relevant to all sections of the exam, are now given periodically. Archived recordings of these are available to review. There is a separate registration fee for the class.

Register for Online Review Class

Ray Daniels

Director, Cicerone Certification Program


Twitter: Cicerone_org