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A visit to the Deschutes Brew Pub in Portland’s Pearl District always offers a plethora of delightful new beers to try. My most recent trip was no exception. Here is a review of some of the highlights that were being offered at the pub tonight. The menu included two beers made using experimental hops. The Tamarack Gold is a light bodied golden ale with a very floral aroma and taste. It is very reminiscent of Deschutes’s Mirror Pond only with a more prominent hop profile. This is a great session beer! Another Deschutes experimental hop beer is the Maple Gold. It is also a golden ale and uses the same base recipe as the Tamarack Gold. The hop profile is much milder, making this a great brew for someone in search of a delicate hop flavor in their beer. Fans of the Jubelale will be jubilant to find the Super Jubel Spiced Ale. Using a variety of Chirstmas spices, this beer tastes like a traditional pfefferneusen cookie. A perfect brew for the holiday season. Finally, Harv’s Wild Plum Stout is a rich, bold stout with undertones of plums and chocolate. This brew is sure to warm you up on a cool winter night. Be sure to check the pub out for these and other wonderful brews from the folks at Deschutes.

Deschutes Beer Menu December 28th, 2008
Deschutes Beer Menu December 28th, 2008

FYI…Mirror Mirror, Deschutes’s barleywine, will be coming out soon! Check back for updates.



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