Dieu du Ciel! 11ème

Every visit to Dieu du Ciel! is a memorable beer experience. Beer brewed there is are sublime and you certainly have the same opinion for their bottled ones. Don’t be surprise if you see a line-up at the door for the anniversary party. In fact, there is a simple reason that explains it. Aged bottles release. Thanks Dieu du Ciel!

For the 11th edition, we had a choice of 21 different beers aged from one to three years, available in bombers or 10oz bottles, for a total of 235 bottles. First came, first served! On tap, 21 different beers (some aged in barrels for the occasion) did complete the party. I joined fellows there and have the chance to get a comfortable seat in this crowded environment. The only bottle I bought is a 2007 Cornemuse Scotch Ale. Few taps completed this anniversary tasting like the Solstice D’hiver Barley Wine ’07, Imperial Pilsner, Rigor Mortis aged in oak barrel used for Pinot Noir, Péché Mortel aged in bourbon barrels and a Vaisseau des Songes IPA for the road back to Saint-Hyacinthe. One day, I’ll seriously consider moving close to that pub… perhaps it wouldn’t be a good idea.