Ecliptic Brewing To Host Lunation Dinner Series

Ecliptic Brewing Lunation Dinner Series

Ecliptic Brewing is set to launch their new monthly prix fixe dinner called the Lunation Dinner Series. The dinner will take place the first Tuesday of every month beginning in February. This means that the first dinner will take place on February 4th at 6:30pm.

When Ecliptic Brewing opened their doors last fall, Brewer/Owner John Harris, emphasized the importance of food and its relationship to beer and more importantly its freshness based on the season that we are currently in. The term lunation means the average time for one lunar cycle, or the amount of time from one new moon to the next, and each dinner will be held in accordance on the first Tuesday of every month. The series will feature seasonal ingredients and hand-picked beer pairings while using the talents of Ecliptic’s renowned brewmaster, John Harris, and Executive Chef Michael Molitor.

Both Harris and Chef Molitor will be heavily involved in each dinner. The menu and beer pairings will be chosen collaboratively and with careful consideration. All Lunation dinners will feature a full course and pairing walk-through with both chef and brewmaster. As with everything at Ecliptic, the Lunation Dinner Series will evolve month-after-month and with the seasons.

“We want to raise the bar on what people expect from a brewery,” said Bryan Deckert, general manager of Ecliptic Brewing. “Each dinner will be thoughtfully put together and push the limits of creativity. This will not be your average brewmaster’s dinner.”

John Harris Holding Court in Ecliptic Brewing's Bar Area

Here’s more information on the first dinner:

Lunation Dinner Series – February 4th at 6:30 p.m.
$45/person all inclusive. Reservations required. 503.265.8002.

One: Fried Oysters, Poached Egg Yolk, Pancetta with NGC 811 Pale
Two: Shellfish Cocktail, Fennel, Blood Orange with Spica HefePils
Three: Grilled Yellowtail, Baby Kales, Uni Mousse with Arcturus IPA
Four: Stout Float with Mintaka Stout.

Ecliptic Brewing
825 N Cook St
Portland, OR 97227

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