Ecliptic Brewing's Kuiper Porter Release

Ecliptic Brewing Sign on Building

Today is the release of Kuiper Porter, the collaborative effort John Harris of Ecliptic Brewing and Steve Gammage from the Netherlands brewmaster of Breweri j Rodenberg who produces Bronkhorster beers. The release will take place all day long at Ecliptic Brewing in North Portland.

Last month when the Oregon Brewers Festival hosted a handful of brewers from the Netherlands were in town and a few of them did some collaboration beers with some area brewers. One of these brews took place at Ecliptic Brewing. Harris joined forces with Gammage to produce a distinctive Porter that was brewed with experimental hop ADHA 527.

Named after the Kuiper belt, the farthest regions of the Solar System that consists of mainly small bodies that were part of the original formation of the Solar System.

Brewing Kuiper Porter at Ecliptic Brewing with Bronkhorster

This beer is a collaboration between Ecliptic and Steve Gammage brewmaster of Breweri j Rodenberg who makes Bronkhorster beers in the Netherlands. Steve was over for the Oregon Brewers Festival and spent 2 days working with us. Kuiper was a famous Dutch Astronomer known for discovering the Kuiper belt objects. Brewed with roast barley and carafa malts to give  a rich roast flavor. Pale and Dark Munich Malts add a nice creaminess. Experimental hop ADHA 527 add a nice classic hop aroma with hints of citrus. This porter drinks smooth.
ABV 5.2%                               IBU 39                     GRAVITY 14.5°P

Ecliptic Brewing
825 N Cook Street
Portland, OR 97227