Elysian's Inaugural Great Pumpkin Belmont Beer Crawl


Still looking to sample Elysian Brewing’s pumpkin beers? If so you’re in luck as Elysian will host their Inaugural Great Pumpkin Belmont Beer Crawl on Thursday, October 30th beginning at 7:00pm.

This is a great way to kick off the Halloweekend while joining Elysian Brewing for their Inaugural Great Pumpkin Beer Crawl that will make its way down Belmont Street. The crawl will feature a 8 pumpkin beers while visiting Circa 33, Bare Bones, Belmont Inn, Side Street Tavern and Triple Nickel Pub throughout Thursday evening. For those that complete all 5 stops you’ll be able to attend the private party at the Circa 33 Speakeasy Bar featuring music by the Vinylogy DJ Crew and prizes!

This is how it works:

  1. Throw on your costume or orange attire (optional of course).
  2. Start the crawl at any of the participating bars, order an Elysian pumpkin beer, grab your “Pumpkin Passport” and get your 1st stamp (small or regular pours will be available). You can crawl the bars in any order you like OR meet at Circa at 7pm and start the crawl with a crew!
  3. Proceed to each bar, order a pumpkin beer and get your passport stamped. Each bar will have a different, rare specialty pumpkin beer on tap for you to enjoy.
  4. Once you have all 5 stamps, bring your completed passport to the Circa 33 bar where you can exchange your passport for the secret code to access the private party! The bookshelf in the hall by the bathrooms is actually a secret door to the private speakeasy party with music, prizes and its own bar! The secret code will gain you access thru the bookshelf.
  5. Party the night away with the Vinylogy DJ Crew!!

Great Pumpkin Beer Crawl StampcardSounds like a solid night visiting 5 bars while sampling 8 Pumpkin beers and then to be rewarded with a private party at the Circa 33 Speakeasy Bar.

Bare Bones
2908 SE Belmont St

Belmont Inn
3357 SE Belmont St

Circa 33
3348 SE Belmont St

Side Street
828 SE 34th Ave

Triple Nickel
3646 SE Belmont St