Exploring Great Lagers in Europe

Jean De Ieso and Paul Stanley enjoying some tasty Gösser lagers

Now I am not disputing that the Great Northwest has the best and greatest selection of craft beers in the world, but if you ever had a wish to explore some of the great cities in Europe, why not combine that dream with the exploration of the finest beers available.

Vacationing in cities where a glass of beer costs less than a glass of water, is motivation enough to visit, but when those beers have the “nectar of the gods” taste, what else can I say.

My son Angelo told me to be sure to check out the unfiltered Pilsner Urquell in Plzen, which was by far the best beer of our trip. Throughout Prague, small pubs and Pilsner sponsored restaurants proudly display their one and only beer on tap. Keeps the choice simple, but never a wrong decision.

Pilsner Urquell
Throughout Prague, we discovered off beat pubs, outdoor heated seats under bridges, and fine restaurants all eager to welcome us and proudly show off their traditional foods and their beloved Pilsner. One big surprise what another local beer Budweiser, affectionately called Budvar. Very light and delicious. Needless to say, Prague known as the most beautiful city in Europe, also now known to me for their delicious beers.

Budweise Budvar
Next we were off to Vienna. Despite gloomy weather we were welcomed by hot chocolate, sweet pastries, and of course more great beers. Our favorites there were Gösser and Hopferl. Both were great compliments to the wiener schnitzel and other great Austrian foods. Who cares about weather when you can duck inside to feast of great beers and foods.

Hopferl lager

Our final city was Budapest. For me this was the city of color, sweet paprika fragrances everywhere, Turkish baths and once again great beer and food. Here Trumer Pils is king. Everything you heard about Hungarian Goulash is true and then some. When paired with a Zlatý Bažant ones pallet was rightly justified. Our final treat was Dreher, another local beer. Delicious.

Pivovar Zlaty Bazant aka Golden Pheasant

Dreher Lager
Truth be told, it was a truly marvelous vacation. Whether eating in a fine restaurant, pub or even at an outdoor food market, the foods, and more importantly, the great beers made it even better. Large or short, filtered or not, the beers of these three great cities are a small bit of heaven.