Gift of GABF [in Tweets]

So if you’re reading this than chances are you missed out on going to this year’s GABF (Great American Beer Fest). Don’t fret, there’s a jillion thing going on and around Portland to occupy your palate, and besides, all the best beer is right here anyways. Fresh hopped beers rising to the occasion and other seasonal styles like Marzens, Oktoberfests, and pumpkin brews make this captivating time of year one to cherish. Besides, we’ve got twitter, text, and online social networking posts to tell us about GABF. Here’s some tweets etc that we tuned into in past days:

shaunosullivanGood morning Denver with your bright sunshine streaming in and waking me up too soon. Love you all the same. #gabf

beerinatorPretty sure I swapped my #gabf glass with Tomme Arthur’s from @lostabbey last night. Mine didn’t have writing on the bottom.

Laura and Ty At gabf and new glarus has the biggest line

laurelwood1Hop Monkey in Denver ar the GABF! #fb

pacificbrewnewsDid I really close down Falling Rock after explicitly telling me not to? My… now at Jack n Grill with Collaborative Evil crew.

BrookstonLongshot Winners To Be Announced Today (

bsbrewingnever kissed a guy, but i’d make out with Sam Calgione [sic] if he asked. handsome devil. #GABF (via @BrennerBeer) #TMI #notenoughbeer

draftmagThe DRAFT Cover Shots from the Thursday night #gabf session have been uploaded. (327 pictures)

OakshireMattToday is the final day of GABF. Good luck at the awards ceremony, all!

BeerConnoisseurI posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album “GABF Stars”:

OregonbeerCheck out the photo’s from the GABF… unfortunately there are too many people to reference

beersageOver 150 photos on Flickr from this year’s #GABF

beerinatorNorm from cheers is in the DRAFT lounge…

BeerConnoisseurGeorge Wendt & Me. Better Hi res coming soon! #gabf.:

bsbrewingSomeone just booted at #gabf. Way to keep it classy, Denver. #kittylitter

bsbrewingAbsolutely no line at Coors. #gabf

BeerAdvocateTodd: Hmm…Ithaca Outdoor on-tap @ Green Street. Fresh, hoppy, fruity, earthy, crisp, dry. Delicious! Think I’ll have another.

HumuloneRedJust got through judging tha Alpha King Change! What fun “work” it was!

jharbweave Just saw Garret Oliver at breakfast! How cool! #gabf

mattgunn @Mannywood5280 I don’t think I can do a third day at GABF. My body hates me.

GeorgeWendt Met so many great people @GABF last night. Come by booths 140 and 116 today at noon where I will be hanging out with The Beer Buckle team!