Good Life Brewing Needs Your Hops

Good Life Wants Your Fresh Hops


Just as Bill Murray’s character, John Winger, wanted you for the US Army in classic film Stripes, Good Life Brewing is seeking all of Central Oregon’s homegrown hops for their inaugural fresh hop beer. Strange as it seems, Good Life has not brewed one of Oregon’s staples of the pending fall season, a fragrant and delicious fresh hop beer.

So what does this two year old brewery do when they set forth in their first ever fresh hop beer? They call in the assistance of all local hop growers. Just as the Lucky Lab Brewing in Portland does each year, Good Life is taking this trend to Central Oregon.

If you are a local hop grower in the Bend area, feel free to bring down your harvest to Good Life Brewing on September 1st and 2nd. From there the fine brewers at Good Life will incorporate all of these hop varieties into a fresh hop beer that will be released a few weeks later in September. Just know which hop varietal you are dropping off.


Good Life Brewing Company
70 SW Century Drive
Bend, OR 97702