Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale and The Illinois Imperial IPA

Goose Island 312 Day
Since today is March 12th, the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has officially proclaimed March 12, 2014 to be “312 Day” in Chicago. Today is when Goose Island Beer Co. adds an additional beer to their well established 312 Urban Wheat Ale.

Named after the original telephone prefix of the city of Chicago, 312, Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale has been one of the most recognizable beers to come out of Chicago since Meister Brau.

Here’s is Goose Island Brewmaster and  former Oregonian Brett Porter proclaiming today to be 312 Day.

The origin of 312 Urban Pale Ale was inspired by the success and the brewing experience from Green Line Pale Ale, a Chicago-only, draft-only beer, that supports Goose Island’s environmental and sustainable initiative. 312 Urban Pale Ale is Goose Island’s first year-round, national offering within the popular Pale Ale craft beer segment. At 5.4% ABV this sessionable, yet tasty Pale Ale is one that will allow more individuals to have access to the craft beer market.

“Our Chicago fans gave us the inspiration to brew 312 Urban Pale Ale,” says Brett Porter, Goose Island Brewmaster. “Their incredible, ongoing support for Green Line motivated us to develop a Pale Ale that everyone in the U.S. can enjoy.”

As with its exceedingly accessible and award-winning 312 Urban Wheat Ale, 312 Urban Pale Ale was brewed for those looking to enjoy another great Goose Island beer with their active lifestyle.

The new 312 Urban Pale Ale is brewed with Amarillo, Mt. Hood and Nugget hops, and has a touch of sweetness from the caramel malt which makes this beer highly sessionable even at 5.4% ABV. 312 Urban Pale Ale also has a bright hop aroma and a crisp bitterness that treads lightly, yet noticeably, in IBUs.

Brett Porter on reddit

For craft beer fans’ drinking pleasure, 312 Urban Pale Ale is available nationally on shelves and taps on March 12, 2014 in the following packages: 12-ounce bottles, 12-ounce cans, and 16-ounce cans.

Want to learn more about 312 Urban Pale Ale? Ask Porter yourself — he will host an “Ask Me Anything” on on March 12 at 3:12 p.m. CT (1:12 p.m. PT) to showcase his leisure-suit karate chops and brewing know-how.


312 Urban Wheat, The Illinois and 312 Urban Pale Ale

And for all you hopheads out there the beer to get your hands on of the two is Goose Island’s new Imperial IPA aptly named The Illinois. Being an Illinois native I may be a bit biased but the liquid gold inside this 12oz bottle is one that’s quite desirable.

This year Goose Island will release three new beers in their Imperial Series with The Illinois being the first of the three. The Illinois is an Imperial India Pale Ale that was released last month with limited national distribution. Fortunately for us, this IIPA made its way to the Pacific Northwest.

The Illinois is homage to “The Mile High Illinois,” a skyscraper Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the great city of Chicago in 1956 that was never built. Had it been built, it would still be the tallest building in the world today – standing 528 stories and 1,600 meters tall. Inspired by this big thinking, Goose Island’s brewers crafted a beer with towering hop character.

Checking in at 9.0% ABV and 95 IBUS, this Imperial IPA nicely packaged in a 12oz bottle is one that is very enjoyable. It pours a nice deep golden color with very prominent citrus nose to it. The hops used were Chinook, Cascade, Citra and Meridian. Goose did an excellent job balancing out this highly hopped beer to keep at bay any stickiness that some IIPA’s will extrude.

We highly recommend seeking out The Illinois at finer craft beer bottle shops. It will not disappoint.