Green Dragon's Export India Porter

Bill Schneller
Bill Schneller

Bill Scheller, a well respected member of the Oregon Brew Crew, and award winning homebrewer, was at Portland’s Green Dragon Pub and Bistro last Wednesday for the release of a special recipe beer he created.

Export India PorterSchneller, who was named OBC’s 2009 Homebrewer of the Year, and the instructor at the Brew Crew’s BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program), used a 19th Century recipe to produce a wonderfully floral, bitter, and roasty brew akin to one that was once brewed in England and somewhat similar to today’s Cascadian Dark Ales.

Green Dragon Pub and BistroMore specifically, the recipe comes from Barclay Perkins Brewery circa 1856. According the knowledgeable Schneller, who has a degree in history, Barclay’s was one of the largest Porter brewers in 19th Century London. His interpretation of the beer used two kinds of English pale ale malt, brown malt, a touch of black malt, and two hefty additions of English hops. A green dragon press release added:

It’s bigger and hoppier than most modern porters and the large amount of brown malt adds a more complex roastiness than porters that rely solely on black malt. On the palate it has a dry,cocoa-like richness with hints of mocha and assertive hop bitterness to balance the malt flavors.  65 IBUs, 29 SRM, 18.8 Plato, 7.6 ABV

Here is an interview we conducted with Bill Schneller from the Green Dragon during the release party. Here, Bill talks about his beer and the prospect of future beers that hope to rejuvenate once popular recipes. Please excuse the pour quality.

Bill Schneller talks about his Export India Porter from

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