Halloween Prose.

Hoppy Halloween! Sudsy Samhain! Festive Fall! Merry Malting!

Losing leaves are the nakeding trees. Seasonal yeastwork. Plants’ vascular adapting and converting like sugars during fermentation. Fractal trees and complex flavors. Beer and rain begin to simultaneously increase on the gravities in which they pour. Boos and brews and cloud formations sometimes replaced by just one giant cloud. Dark mornings, darker nights increase. It can be harder to get warmed. But it is welcoming to be near a heat source. Perhaps soon looking forth to the next solstice bringing light back. Spicy seasonals, Oktoberfests, gourd brews, other fruit beers, doppels, dunkels, hearty browns, ambers, and even barleywines. Beware of ghouls and stale piwo. The light will return just as the longer warmer days, but now is the entrance to darker, bolder, and more assertive times. Enjoy the long spells of grey, contracted daylight hours, and even snowfall could conjur the need for items something spicy and robust. Enjoy the life of colorfully distinct seasons in Beervana. The changes we certainly welcomed and find necessary and most importantly, an undeniable excuse to brew, drink, and demand different kinds of beer.

I hope my beer is not a headless one. That would gravely scare me. Unless of course, it is brewed to style. Pumking verticals and eerily anticipating the sun falling beneath the horizon. Some are mused by horror films. The wicks of candles burn and bodies turn. Sweat shirts, sweaters, and cuddling pets. Sometimes it feels this season is the best. Skeleton crops blow in the wind. Spiders. frogs, rats, and others work hard to prepare for the winter. Cold beer now and cold morning soon enough. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give us something good to drink.

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