Home Brewed By Design Seeks 20 Homebrewers

Home Brewed By Design


So you have been dabbling more and more into homebrewing and the bottles keep piling up in your basement. You’ve exhausted all of your friends that you share your bottles with and need to find a larger base to expand upon. Well one way to attact more takers on your homebrew is to present the beer in a more professional package. Home Brew By Design is going to assist 20 homebrewers in this endeavor.


Home Brewed By Design is organized by Portlanders Jason Sturgill and Eric Steen. Jason is an artist, designer and educator with a background in advertising, graphic design and curatorial. He has worked with the likes of Wieden+Kennedy, Nike, Laika, Dark Horse Comics, and Modernista. Eric Steen moved back to Oregon after three years of teaching community arts and directing the Colorado based site Focus on the Beer. He has organized beer programming in Portland including Art & Beer, Beers Made By Walking, and a number of events for Portland Beer Week.


Home Brewed by Design is an event that pairs aspiring homebrewers with independent graphic designers in Portland to design them a label for their beer. They are currently on the lookout for twenty Portland-based homebrewers who would like to take part in a special event for Design Week Portland. Participating homebrewers will receive printed labels for their brews. The beers and labels will be shared with the public on October 10th at One Grand Gallery as part of Design Week Portland.


If you are a homebrewer in Portland and would like a chance to be a part of this program, please read through and fill out the application by the August 20th deadline. You can also find the application on our Facebook page or via email.


Sponsorship Information
Labels provided by Rose City Labels: http://labelprintingportland.com/
The event is part of Design Week Portland: http://designweekportland.com/
The reception is at One Grand Gallery: http://www.onegrandgallery.com/

Home Brewed By Design links
The homebrewer application form: http://bit.ly/homebrewed
Home Brewed By Design on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homebrewedbydesign
Home Brewed By Design email: homebrewedbydesign@gmail.com