Hoppy Halloween

Lots of stuff going on in Portland this time of year, as you can see on our calendar. Here’s a look at some of the best events for beer geeks in Beervana…

Hopworks Releases Noggin Floggin’

Not to be confused with Widmer’s Grog Noggin’, this mighty beer is the first barleywine brewed by the boys at H.U.B. According to Hopworks owner and brewmaster, Christian Ettinger, the Noggin’ Floggin’ is a collaborative effort of the the H.U.B. brewers. “We’re stoked to kick off the season with a real ass-kicker!” says the Hopworks’ chief beersmith. Ettinger promises the beer to be “ridiculously delicious” as well. The simple yet all-up-in-your-grill behemoth will be released in four incarnations. “We’ve got the standard Noggin Floggin'” says Ettinger ,”as well as a bourbon barrel-aged version, a dry-hopped version, and a dry-oaked version.” The dry oaked Noggin will soak up the flavors of the Macallan Scotch it has been aging in. This beer will be exhibited at the Horse Brass pub‘s 32nd Birthday Bash. The “12th and Pine Dry-Hopped Noggin Floggin‘” will be featured on November 1st at F.H. Steinbart Co.’s 90th Birthday Bash. The brewing supply company is the longest running of its kind in the United States. Dry-hopped in the keg with Centennial, Cascade, and Simcoes, this rendition of the brew will be available from 1-5pm. The Oregon Brew Crew will also host a homebrew demonstation at Steinbart’s during this time.

Horse Brass Pub‘s 32nd Birthday Bash

Lauded as Oregon’s best brewpub, the Horse Brass will feature some excellent tap selections starting on Halloween night and lasting through November 3rd. In addition to the Scotch barrel-aged H.U.B. barleywine, the Brass will feature Laurelwood Imperial Deranger Red (no longer being produced), the debut of Ninkasi Sleigher Winter Ale, Full Sail’s 21st Anniversary Doppelbock, a two-year-old Full Sail Top Sail Bourbon Barrel Porter, Deschutes Jubel ’07, Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, New Old Lompoc’s Monster Mash, Laurelwood Barrel-Aged Barley Wine and much more! There will also be live music by the band the Lucky Dogs play at 8 p.m. on Sunday. Woo hoo!

Roots Organic Brewing Company Releases A Pumpkin Ale

The tree huggin’ and gleefully grubbin’ resume of brews at Roots continues to grow. After releasing the creamy and delicious Coconut Porter, the Roots clan will unveil a scrumptious Pumpkin ale. According to the Oregonian’s John Foyston, the beer ” …is a light bodied ale that celebrates harvest time in the Pacific Northwest. 90 pounds of hand roasted pumpkin was blended with the malt in the mashing process to develop a rich orange color and subtle taste of pumpkin. After fermentation we hot infused the finished beer with a blend of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger and vanilla beans to give it a soft flavor of pumpkin pie.” Roots will tap the beer at 11:30AM on Halloween day. At 8:00PM a giant beer-filled gourd will be tapped as well.

Ninkasi‘s Halloween Party @ Henry’s Tavern

Ninkasi Brewing of Eugene will host a special October 31st get-down at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern in Portland’s Pearl District. A dance floor will be designated with DJ’s and a live Pirate rock band. Rockstar brewer Jamie Floyd will emcee giveaways and add flare to the fun and outrageous event. Costumes are a must! Henry’s features over 100 beers on tap and is a hop, skip, and a jump from several key Portland beer destinations.

Other names we considered calling this post were:  the Beer Witch Project, the Pagan Pint, and Witch Events to go to.