Hopworks Unveil New Stout

From the Eco Dudes at Hopworks Urban Brewery:

Chainsaw Stout


An American Style Stout brewed for two American originals, the Ramones and Timber Jim.  The Ramones were, by many accounts, the first punk band and “Chainsaw” is track 5 on their seminal self-titled album “Ramones”.  Timber Jim is the chainsaw wielding mascot of the Portland Timbers, who retired last season.  Hopworks will broadcast the complete Portland Timbers season when it begins in April.

Chainsaw Stout has a roasty, chocolately and caramelly aroma with a hint of citrus and floral hops.  It features a medium body followed by roasted dryness.

14.5 Plato              5.9% ABV               45 IBUS

Timber Jim
Timber Jim
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