HUB's Cure For Cabin Fever

According to beer guru Ben Love of Hopworks Urban Brewery, the pub is open and ready to sate your desire for deliciously hardy brews.  Love advises cooped up souls in the neighborhood to “get out of your house and beat the Cabin Fever! Our taps are flowing, the pizza ovens are hot and we’ve pulled out a keg of our Cask Bourbon Barrel Aged DOA! Have some food and beer, use our wi-fi, fill your growler, get that holiday keg ordered, do some last minute Christmas shopping with Hopworks gift certificates and organic clothing, and toast the holidays!”

Sounds like a plan.  Think I we’ll take him up on all of the above!

Update on the HUB:

We visited the HUB to quell our cabin fever amidst this Arctic blast.  To our delight, not only was the creamy, bourbon-esque Deluxe Organic Ale (aka DOA) a brew to remember, the brewery had a Belgian Apple Ale on tap.  We caught up with brewmaster Christian Ettinger and he informed us that the ~6.5% champagne-like golden spritzy beer employed a clone of Chimay yeast.  Delish!

Merry Christianmas!

Ben Love (