Lardo & Oakshrie Barrel Aged Passport Experience

Lardo PDX

After last week’s popular launch of Lardo Lager brewed by Eugene’s Oakshire Brewing, the Portland sandwich shop Lardo is teaming up once again for a unique promotion. On Friday, February 27th, Lardo will offer its new Lardo Barrel Aged Passport Experience.

Oakshire brewing is partnering with Lardo to offer a truly unique beer experience. Each of the three Lardo locations will be offering one of three hyper limited barrel aged beers from Oakshire. These beers will include Barrel Aged BarleywineBarrel Aged Perfect Storm and Barrel Aged Ill Tempered Gnome have been sent up from Eugene just for this event.

To get started on this daylong Lardo Barrel Aged Passport Experience, one will have to collect a “stamp” of all three beers. Once completed the winner will receive a free order of Lardo’s famous Dirty Frys.

Don’t wait around to long as the event ends as soon as the first keg blows. You are recommended to get there early and often!

1205 SW Washington St.
1212 SW Hawthorne Blvd.
4090 N Williams Ave.
Portland, OR