Le 9ème X de 1000

Brewpublic’s Québec correspondent Marc Demeule reports on a special homebrew competition in his area.

During the last weekend (the only sunny one this summer), I had the pleasure to attend, with 79 other people, the 9th edition of the X de 1000.

This event will be held for the next 991 years.  The concept might be reviewed for the 1001th edition, but for now it is quite fair for everybody.  The X de 1000 is a peaceful homebrewer competition.  Homebrewers from Montréal and Québec area attempt it.  The event is also open to everybody who likes beer and likes to drink it too.  I was part of them.

Competition is divided in two categories.  Imposed style (Imposé) and free style (Libre).  For the 9th edition, imposed style was quadruppel, Trappist, abt or anything over 10% or close, too…  Well, something like this…  It wasn’t very clear and sometime, our senators couldn’t arrive to a common agreement.  It’s not their fault, they are getting older and they want to please everybody.  Also, I do admit that the theme of next edition is always chosen at the end of the party, so the brainstorming can give some strange results.

Free style category offers the possibility to present anything you wish.  As long as it is good, it’s good!  There is also a category for a homebrewer’s first brew (débutant).  Be sure that you will receive plenty of useful tips and constructive comments from others brewers!

15 beers were in competition on the imposed style, 13 free styles and 1 beginner.  It is strongly suggested that you present your brew with its complete recipe.  Homemade labels are welcomed, but it doesn’t give more points.    We all received a tasting glass and a note sheet at the inscription desk.  3, 2, 1…  Taste!!!

There are huge prizes for the winners of the imposed style category:
1st position allows you to tell everyone that you won the 9th edition of the X de 1000 and you have to care of the trophy for a year (and get your name graved on it by yourself)
2nd position allows you to tell everyone that you won the second position of the 9th edition of the X de 1000
3rd position allows you to tell everyone that you won the third position of the 9th edition of the X de 1000

Free styles awards are also mentioned, with all the honors that come with.

There is also a precious prize for the worst beer of the competition.  It is the WildCat prize.  The winner of this unique award is allowed to share his prize with everybody but have to taste it.  Might be frustrating, but it’s a good kick in the ass to brew something better for the next year.

Even if this competition is based on fun, 2 winners of past editions of this event are now fulltime brewers in Québec microbreweries like Dieu du Ciel! and Loup rouge, artisan brasseur.

After a huge BBQ, everybody moves to the fire and the awards are announced.  Congratulations to the winners.  All I remember is that the 1st was Triple grapes with Brett  10,5 %.  The black iIPA, blonde ale with savage hops and the Belgian rye pale ale also won awards.  Please don’t ask me the position.
WildCat prize went to an infected triple.

The theme for next year has been chosen.  It seems that the imposed category will be “a style between the one we had during the first 9 editions”.  This matter will be discussed later because it needs some fine tuning.  What a mess…  You can’t mix so many beers with such critical decisions.

Some of us were able to spend the night (until 5:00 am) around the fire with plenty other beers while others were just too wasted and had a rest in their tent, chair, hammock or simply on the ground.

After a short night and a breakfast, that’s all.  Go back home.  Thanks to our host, Claude.  I’m now waiting August 2010, for the 10th edition of the X de 1000.

Marc Demeule