Memorial Day Weekend in Review

And what a weekend it was. Three days to enjoy a proper time for relaxation is evidence that this weekend was truly ours. Barbecuing, relaxing, and catching up with dear friends are always some highlights of the holiday weekend. This Memorial Day, we raised glasses to our friends Nick and Kim getting hitched over a couple pints of brew at Deschutes, as well as our buddy Cap’n Neil, who knows a good brew when he quaffs it. Lots of heartfelt interpersonal prosting was certainly at the epicenter of this past three day hoorah.

In retrospect, A dash of gardening amidst a ridiculously enjoyable, sunny, and mild spring weekend served us with more than we could’ve hoped for. Spring is truly here, and before you blink too many more times, so will be summer. Life in the Pacific Northwest is truly divine and we can rejoice knowing that a gray stagnation and damp, irritable cold that penetrates our bones is in the rearview. Hops leap up the vine and the reality of witbiers and summer session ales is at the forefront of what defines the true PNW experience.

Spending time with our beloved animal friends (not to mention those of the human variety) is imperative to soaking in the importance of such wonderment. Firing up the old barby brings face-wide smiles into the picture and the concept of porch-settin’ is back in the game.

Our dear friends Gordon and Katie shared some delicious veggie chili and cornbread alongside pictures of their most recent ventures to Europe. Showcasing Belgian travels that involved partaking in Cantillion brews at the source in Brussels, El Gordo, as we like to refer to him, and Katie, know how to have a good time in a worldly fashion. At their house, we enjoyed a Breckenridge Agave Wheat Ale, Laurelwood Workhorse IPA on tap, and a bottle of The Bruery’s Wit made with lavendar and other spices.  Yum!

So now we reflect upon the three day weekend that was as much about the Midwest beers we took home with us as it was about the weather and loved ones. This truly is the best time of year and you are encouraged to soak it all in while you can.

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