Brewpublic announces a special mini-fest featuring four of Oregon’s best nanobreweries. This event known as Microhopic will be the first to showcase these fine brewers under one roof. In fact, it might be safe to say that most people in the Portland area have never tried most of the beers to be presented at Microhopic.

On hand, will be the beers and the brewers who made them. These breweries will include Big Horse Brewing of Hood River and brewer Jason Kahler; Rivergate Brewing of N. Portland and brewer Brian Frisch; Mt. Tabor Brewing of SE Portland and brewer Eric Surface; and Ambacht Brewing of Hillsboro and brewer Tom Kramer.

We are excited to invite you to come to this event featuring a rare and eclectic assortment of Oregon-brewed beers. This event will take place on Saturday June 19, 2010 at Saraveza, located at 1004 N. Killingsworth Street in Portland, Oregon. For more information or press related inquiries please contact  angelo@brewpublic.com or visit http://brewpublic.com/events Cheers!