Ninkasi at Full Thottle Bottles

Wednesday we welcome the Ninkasi Boys! OK, well, I’m not 100% sure who’s coming, hopefully Brian will stop by to say hi! But they’ll be well represented with goodies to hand out and I believe a little game of skill called “Operation”. Think you have hands steady enough to master the surgeon’s “knife”? Prove it! Bring those down here, taste some beers, including the last of the Spring Reign (while available) and the new release of the Radiant Ale. So come, taste the Ninkasi brews,show off your “Operation” skills, and let us know which one of these is your favorite!! We’ll be tasting the following:

Believer Double Red: A rich deep red with roasted malt and caramel notes, balanced by plentiful hops. Brewed for the believers of Ninkasi, delicious and satisfying, a wonderful representation of what the Northwest beer scene is all about.  6.9 % alc./vol. 60ibus.
Total Domination IPA: A true Northwest style IPA, citrus notes, floral and balanced, from ingredients regionally sourced, it is the definition of a true craft beer. 6.7% alc./vol. 65 ibus.
Tricerahops Double IPA: Hops, hops and more hops, combine with enough malt to make this a very balanced 8.8% beer. Floral and smooth, dry hopped for aroma, an outstanding Double IPA. 8.8%alc./vol. 100+ ibus.
Spring Reign: Spring forward with this refreshing seasonal ale. Notes of toasted malt up front, ?nished with a bright and refreshing Northwest hop aroma, it’s a session beer that everyone can enjoy!  6% alc./vol. 38 ibus.
Radiant Ale: Crisp and flavorful, Radiant Summer Ale is a clean finishing summer offering in the Ninkasi tradition. The smooth malt character is balanced by a elegant hop bitterness, the perfect compliment to a glorious summer day.  6% alc./vol. 40 ibus.


will be tasting these  Wednesday, June 9, from 5pm-7pm. Only $4 for all of them!  Our usual “be green” offer applies: Bring your own tasting glass and save a dollar!!