Part 2: You Might Be a Beer SNOB if:

Ok, still not convinced you are a beer SNOB, Here’s a few more indicators:

Hats like this are a good indication of one being a beer SNOB
Hats like this are a good indication of one being a beer SNOB
  1. You keep a copy of the Brew News or Brew-Ha in your car as most people would a road map
  2. You’ve driven hours out of your way to visit a brew spot
  3. You keep a growler or two in the trunk of your car just in case.
  4. You have at least one pet named after a beer
  5. Your social circle consists of mostly craft beer drinkers
  6. You consider yourself part Trappist
  7. You’ve gotten into arguments over West Vleteren
  8. You know of a couple breweries about to open
  9. You consider Muncie, Indiana a top travel destination
  10. You’ve paid for a bottle of Utopias
  11. You scoff at misinformation in beer magazines
  12. You’ve got Brian Butenshoen’s number on speed dial

    A telltale sign of being a beer snob
    A telltale sign of being a beer snob
  13. You recite passages from Dr. Papazian’s homebrew book in mixed company
  14. People at specialty beer stores become either elated or distraught upon your arrival
  15. You have a preferred ginger beer
  16. When planning to attend a wedding or funeral, you speculate what the beer selection there might look like
  17. You ask to see a beer menu when considering ordering at an establishment
  18. You still can’t fathom how Warsteiner Orange exists under Reinheitsgebot.
  19. If you listen to your beer as a means of evaluating it
  20. You collect autographs from brewers
  21. You carry some kind of beer membership card in your wallet
  22. You’ve gotten into heated discussion over hop varietals.
  23. You take pictures of sample trays.

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