Pelican Releases Red Lantern IPA in Bottles and Draft

Pelican Red Lantern IPA

Pelican Brewing is happy to announce their new Winter Seasonal, Red Lantern IPA. This brand new Red IPA is Pelican’s first seasonal release for 2014. Red Lantern IPA is available on draft and in 22oz bottles now thru March. This joins their other Winter Seasonal, Bad Santa, that was released last month.

“Just as red lanterns were once used to guide fishing boats to home base at the end of the day during foggy winter weather, our Red Lantern IPA is the perfect way to end your winter day.  Born from our brewer’s love of hops and craving for a deep caramel backbone, the rich red color and medium body delivers just the right balance.  Copious amounts of El Dorado hops give Red Lantern a clean hoppy finish.”

A must try for the hop heads out there!

Pelican Brewing Co Coastal Sunset

Red Lantern IPA Ingredients:
Pale Ale malt
Caramel 77 malt
Black Patent malt
El Dorado hops
pure local water
pure ale yeast

Brewing Specs:
Style: American Red IPA
Gravity: 14.6 degrees Plato
ABV: 6.4%
Bitterness: 60 IBU
Color: Deep Red