Portland's Oldest Homebrew Shop Celebrates Passing of SB 444

Steinbart's Jeremy Morton-Maxson brewing up some beer (photo by Will Nelson)

To celebrate the passage of SB 444 which was signed into law by Gov. Kitzhaber on Monday, F.H. Steinbart Co. will be hosting a home brewed beer sharing and tasting event on Saturday, April 2nd. The passage of SB 444 effectively lifts the ban on transportation of home brewed beer and homebrewing competitions.

F.H. Steinbart

The event will be held at the F.H. Steinbart Co. store, located at 234 SE 12th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Steinbart’s Will Nelson says “We are encouraging homebrewers from around the Portland metro area to bring some of their homemade beer to share with others. We are also encouraging any home brewers who would like to, to bring their gear and brew some beer in our warehouse.”

Steinbart's tasting events are always as fun as they are educational

The home-brewing community in the Portland area is big, and Steinbart’s is expect a good turn out for this event. Nelson adds “Almost all homebrewers we have talked with have expressed some dissatisfaction with the ban and will be more than happy to celebrate the recent passage of SB 444.”

Home Brew Free (click to enlarge)

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