Re-enter the Abyss

Deschutes The Abyss

On the heels of the wildly successful return of The Dissident, Deschutes Brewery releases the annually anticipated Abyss Imperial Stout. Here’s the skinny from the brewhouse:

We will have several cases of 2010 $12/bottle 6/person limit. The yield was very good this year, bottles will be widely available as in Deschutes The  Abyssthe past.

We will also have limited cases of 07, 08, 09 we will be selling in a gift pack and as single bottles… not sure of the prices yet but 07 should be around $25 (glad we stocked up back then!)

We will have 2010, 09, 08 & 07 on tap as well as 2010 on Nitro

The vertical tasting will include 4oz samples of all 5 and will be $20

We will be doing snifters of all vintages as well

2010 $6 / nitro will be in 1/2 pints

2009 $8

2008 $10

2007 $12

(no mention of the ’06.Glad we still have some of these still in our cellar)

Food specials all cooked with Abyss!

We are also releasing the Hop Henge tomorrow and will have bottles of that and it will be on tap as well.