Redhook Mudslinger

It’s nice to see a mild ale being released amidst all of the gargantuan brews of late. Enter: Redhook Mudslinger Spring Ale… a soft highly sessionable nut brown ale from the Craft Brewers Alliance. Sure, uber extreme beer geeks fresh off a Beer Advocate tasting might scoff at such a beer, but I say kudos to such an approachable offering that I can sink my teeth into and not be belly up after three glasses. Redhook brewmaster Greg Deuh puts it plainly “Mudslinger is one of my favorite beers.”

RedhookThe American Brown Ale is far from a shocker and that is why it is so good. Traditional notes of caramel and sweet malts, the overall impression is not far off from most browns your father has grown to love. Amidst the up-flexing of other large brewers to accommodate an seemingly ceilingless growth in big hops and world of American bigness, here rests a beer that is just a beer and designed with the utmost precision.  5.8% ABV, 30 IBU, perfect. Don’t get me wrong…I love boldly hopped, high octane, and sour beers, but those are the now beers; the chic fads. We are witnessing more dynamic breweries scrapping their brown ales but thankfully, the real heads still know what’s up. A brew like this is one that you could pour yourself over and over and be impressed with not only the drinkability but the subtle complexities Yeah, I know it sounds pretty cliche…but what can I say…I am a brown noser.

Feel free to sling mud at me anytime…