Rogue Limited Release

John's Locker Stock
John Maier and Brewer

John’s Locker Stock (JLS) is a limited release, draft-only beer created at the Rogue Newport Brewery by Rogue Brewmaster John Maier.  A new JLS is released every month and put on tap at roughly 100 locations throughout the United States, including Rogue Pubs.  On average, only 180 kegs of John’s Locker Stock are released each month.


January JLS: Markus Brau

“Markus Brau is a collaboration of Markus Lohner, President and manufacturer of our BrauKon brewhouse and myself. It is a German Lager, I think of it as a munich Helles style. The aroma is pleasantly grainy-sweet, the color is topaz hued, and the flavor is malty with low hop bitterness that supports the malty palate. Lagered 5 weeks.”  Prost!   -John Maier

FYI: This brew will tap at the Portland Flanders today (January 2, 2009) 

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