Roots Organic Flanders Red Fills Out Five Beers of Winter

Roots Flanders Red
Roots Flanders Red

The Lactobacillus beauty, the Burgundy of Belgium…Roots’ long awaited fifth and final beer in this season’s Five Beers of Winter truly has been long awaited.  Root’s Duke orchestrator of organic zymurgy Craig Nicholls says “This is exquisite ale made with a blend of wild and domestic yeast strains. Brewed two years ago, 3/4 of this beer spent eleven months of it’s life in neutral Pinot Noir French Oak barrels. It was then re-blended with the remainder of the original Flanders Red that had been cellaring since it’s conception. After going through a secondary fermentation, we cellared it again for the last eight months. This Belgian beer is extremely smooth with a fruity nose that will leave no senses untouched. This will be available in limited, one liter bottles and on draft at Roots Organic Brewery exclusively.”

At 9.2% ABV, the brown-amber bodied puckerer is available in one-of-a-kind 750ML bottles for $25 a pop and features the artwork by Ezra Johnson-Greenough, who also designed the Epic labels over the last two season.

The official release party for the Red will take place at Roots Brewpub on Wednesday January 14. 2009.