Saraveza's 2nd Annual IIPA Fest

Saraveza's 2nd Annual IIPA Fest Sponsored By Brewpublic

Hey, Hopheads, mark your calendars for July 16 and 17th for Saraveza‘s 2nd Annual IIPA Fest. Since two I’s are better than one, the award winning staff at one of Portland’s greatest craft beer havens will be serving up more than 20 Imperial India Pale Ales for your palate’s pleasure. In fact, some of the beers will even be IIIPAs, or as Boneyard Beer-folk like to call it: the TRIPA! Hops galore! IBU to the high heavens! Look for one-of-a-kind rarities at this lupulinpalooza!  Saraveza will doubling up on the food, too, with housemade B.B.L.T.s (yes, that’s Bacon Bacon) and live music. Look for your “free jar” tickets the week before the festival. More details to be updates here soon!

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