Sierra Nevada Tasting @ Beaumont Market

We will have a Sierra Nevada tasting this Friday from 4:30-6:30PM.

Pouring:  30th Anniversary Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Bock, Kellerweiss, Torpedo IPA and the new Tumbler Brown.



For Those About to Bock
The German brewers of yore knew they’d need a heavier, heartier lager to make it through the late winter months and into the spring.  This beer follows that tradition.  Brewed in the winter months, under the zodiac of Capricorn, (the sign of the goat), this amber-colored, bready and rich lager rings in at a clean, crisp 6.1% and is stalwart enough to carry any Portlander through til May.  For those about to BOCK, We Salute You!  Aged in Buffalo Trace barrels since January.

16 Plato 25 IBU 7.1% ABV


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