Tap Into History With the Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives at Mission Theater

Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives

When one thinks of craft brewing and its ingredients that are grown here in the United States, the Pacific Northwest definitely comes to mind. More specifically the Willamette Valley of Oregon is a key component in one of our favorite ingredients, the agricultural crop of hops. Fortunately for us, Oregon State University is taking a much larger and significant role in the brewing community.

On March 28th the Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives (OHBA) is hosting “Tap into History,” an event at NW Portland’s Mission Theater in Portland to introduce OHBA to a more diverse audience. Doors will open at 6:30pm with the program beginning at 7:00pm for this free, all ages event. The Film Screenings will begin at 8:30pm.

OHBA will bring together a panel for a public talk about brewing history in Oregon. Tiah Edmunson-Morton, OHBA archivist, will talk about the project and its impact. Peter Kopp, agricultural historian, will talk about his use of archival materials and the relevance for researchers. John Foyston, an Oregonian writer since 1987, will talk about his work documenting the Oregon beer scene. Irene Firmat, CEO and Co-Founder of Full Sail Brewing Company, will talk about her work as a female brewing pioneer. Daniel Sharp, PhD student in the OSU College of Agriculture’s Fermentation Science program, will talk about his research and the OSU program. The event concludes with screenings from Hopstories, a collection of short videos showcasing breweries in Oregon, and OPB’s Beervana, a documentary about the history of beer and the rise of craft brewing in Oregon.


Production of hops and beer are part of Oregon’s identity, engaging both the general public and the scholarly community with our rich history of researching and producing world-class hops and beer. From scholars to people with an interest in local and creative products, students to alumni, hops farmers to brewers, the opportunities for the community engagement and scholarly use are vast.

Tap Into History Oregon Hops

Recognizing the need to document the intertwined story of hop production and the craft brewing movement in Oregon, the Special Collections & Archives Research Center at Oregon State University Libraries & Press established the OHBA in 2013 to collect and provide access to records related to Oregon’s hops and craft brewing industries. As the first archive in the United States dedicated to hops and beer, OHBA will bring together a wealth of materials that will enable people to study and appreciate these movements. One can also follow their happenings on their Facebook page or their Facebook event page.

Mission Theater
1624 NW Glisan St.
Portland, OR