Taplister Cracks Open Craft Beer Discovery with New Online Social Platform


Taplister Gives Bars One Destination to Instantly Promote Beer Menus Across New Digital Beer Boards, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Phones, Website and Taplister.com

Press Release:

Taplister  has  announced  the  launch  of  its  new nationwide  craft  beer  discovery  platform  that  helps  bars  and  restaurants promote and  socialize  their  beer  selection  across  digital  outlets  with  one  update.  Taplister’s tap  list  management  system  enables  bars  and  restaurants  to  instantly  publish  their changing  beer  menu  to  a  Digital  Beer  Board™,  Facebook,  Twitter,  mobile  devices,  a website  and  Taplister.com.  The  Digital  Beer  Board  is  the  first  digital  signage platform  for  bars  and  restaurants  designed  specifically  for  craft  beer  menus,  and displays  rotating  taps  and  a  wealth  of  additional  information  in  real  time  inside establishments.
Kerry (left) and Josie Finsand of Taplister
“With  the  Brewers  Association  (BA)  reporting  that  the  number  of  U.S.  breweries  just hit  a  125-­year-­high,  it  is  evident  that  craft  beer  is  more  popular  than  ever,”  said Kerry  Finsand,  CEO  and  founder  of  Taplister.  “With  so  many  choices,  beer  drinkers are  demanding  an  easy  way  to  find  their  favorite  beer  on  tap  near  them  and  the  new Taplister  delivers.  There’s  no  more  calling  bars  for  what  they  have  on  tap,  and  no more  constant  updating  of  menus  for  bars  and  brewpubs  with  Taplister.”

Taplister iPhoneTaplister  drives  ROI  for  bars  and  restaurants  by  helping  bars  get  discovered, promoting  a  bar’s  craft  beer  offerings,  and  engaging  customers  via  crowd-­?sourced tap  lists.  Bars  and  restaurants  can  update  their  beer  menu  using  their  smartphones, iPad,  PC  or  Mac—anything  with  a  Web  browser.  That  information  is  updated instantly  to  Digital  Beer  Boards,  Facebook,  Twitter,  mobile  phones,  the  Taplister iPhone  app,  the  business’  website  and  Taplister.com.  Consumers  can  also  contribute to  the  tap  list  information  where  bars  enable  crowdsourcing  at  Taplister.com.

Taplister  already  has  thousands  of  bars  and  restaurants  in  more  than  50  cities  in  its system.
Digital  Beer  Boards 

Taplister’s  Digital  Beer  Board  technology  turns  any  HDTV  or  1080p  digital  signage display  that  can  run  a  Web  browser  into  a  digital  beer  menu.  No  more  changing  out menus  or  filling  out  chalkboards.  On  those  digital  menus,  alcohol  content  (percent alcohol  by  volume  or  ABV),  bitterness  (International  Bitterness  Units  or  IBU),  price,size  of  serving  and  beer  ratings  can  be  displayed. “Taplister  is  the  beer  equivalent  of  the  most  comprehensive  online  menu directories,”  said  Greg  Rau,  founder  and  CEO  at  Upstart  Labs,  a  technology  incubator which  housed  Taplister.  “Bars  and  restaurants  of  all  sizes  can  now  bend  the  multi-­?billion  dollar  beer  industry  to  their  advantage  with  this  powerful  new  marketing tool.” RateBeer  Partnership  RateBeerThe  beer  ratings  on  Taplister’s  Digital  Beer  Boards  are  made  possible  through  a  new exclusive  partnership  with RateBeer.  The  partnership  provides  Taplister  with  menu information  for  more  than  130,000  beers,  including  percent  alcohol  by  volume,International  Bitterness  Units,  brewery,  brewery  location,  a  tasting  description  and a  score  comprised  of  composite  ratings  from  RateBeer’s  consumer  user  base. “Our  partnership  with  Taplister  not  only  provides  consumers  with  basic  beer information  but  also  crowd-­?sourced  beer  scores  that  help  inform  consumer  choice,”said  Joseph  Tucker,  Executive  Director  of  RateBeer.  “Bar  patrons  will  be  able  to quickly  identify  on-­tap  offerings  that  hundreds  of  thousands  of  other  beer enthusiasts  around  the  world  have  found  to  be  to  their  liking.” 


Taplister  for  consumers  is  free.  For  businesses, pricing ranges  from  free  to  $99  a month  depending  on  the  features. About  Taplister  Taplister (www.taplister.com) is  a  beer  discovery  platform.  It  helps  consumers discover  craft  beers,  and  enables  bars  and  restaurants  to  promote  their  beers.  Bars and  restaurants  simply  manage  what  beers  are  on  tap  from  a  Web  browser  and  that information  is  updated  in  real  time  on  Digital  Beer  Boards,  Twitter,  Facebook, mobile  phones,  the  Taplister  iPhone  app,  tablets,  the  business’  website  and Taplister.com.  The  company  is  located  in  Portland,  Oregon.