Taplister To Continue On


A few weeks back Kerry Finsand announced that Taplister would cease operations on Sunday, August 31st. Well things have changed and Taplister will continue on. Finsand has now found an entrepreneur that has a strong technical background, enjoys craft beer and is excited to improve on the great work that has already been done with Taplister.

Taplister was founded in Portland, Oregon over five years by Finsand, Scott Wray, Ken Baer, and Kevin Scaldeferri. As the years went by it was only Finsand that was left from the original founders. Their intent for Taplister was to solve the problem of finding where their favorite beers were on tap across Portland. From their success in Portland other cities were then added to their expanding database. Then over the past few years Taplister has grown to include many other tools to better serve the craft beer bar owner and patron.

Here is more from the press release that Finsand recently sent out.

“Good News Everyone,

Taplister is back! After spending the last 3 weeks vetting over 25 inquiries into buying or taking over Taplister, I have found the right fit.  A successful entrepreneur who enjoys craft beer and has a technical background, expertise and resources to take Taplister to the next level.  Also, I will continue on with Taplister to help guarantee things run smoothly as we further expand our network.
Last week, I signed a letter of intent. It was not easy, but I wanted to make sure that I found someone who can continue the vision. Over the next several weeks, the interested party is going to further research Taplister’s platform and service.  We will be working as fast as possible and hope to have everything wrapped up by the end of August.
What this means for you is that your Taplister service will continue on.   Keep your taps up to date and if you have any ideas for enhancing the service, please don’t hesitate to email us at rotation@Taplister.com.  The new owner plans to expand the service over time and our current loyal customers are our best resource.
More updates to come.
Kerry Finsand – Founder

Kerry Finsand Supporting Killer Beer Week at 2013 Hood River Hops Fest

We here at Brewpublic wish the best for the new Taplister owner!