Texan Dentist Serves Beer to Patients

Enjoying a beer while you get your haircut is now commonplace, but a Dallas area dentist may be on to a great new service trend by serving beer and wine to patients before their appointments.  As reported by WPTV in Dallas, there is “nothing to ‘beer'” when visiting Doctor Clint Herzog. “First he takes the edge off, then he scrapes the plaque off,” offering free beer and wine to his patients to help “ease nervous patients into the dentist’s chair.”

Unless we’re mistaken, the video footage of his offerings only showed Michelob Ultra Light, but we’re hoping he’s also offering some Texas craft beer choices like Southern Star. Fear not Texas readers, Brewpublic is dispatching a craft beer consultant to meet this tan, dreamy, Justin Bieber-haired tooth Doc to investigate his offerings, and if necessary make some craft beer recommendations. We will probably also go ahead an enjoy a cold Michelob before our pearlies get shined, because even a Michelob Ultra Light at the dentist office is (barely) better than nothing. We hope all service providers, from podiatrists to Jiffy Lube, take note of Herzog’s success (he’s expanding!) and start offering beer along with their services.

Would you have a beer before your teeth get cleaned, or is the idea repulsive? What other services should we lobby to start offering beer?

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