Together We Can

In the past few days, there has been some consternation (great word I got from a commenter on Jeff Alworth’s Beervana blog) over things in this corner of the Brewniverse.  Sometimes it seems like there’s a need to hop to independence and clarity while 10,000 things ail us.  I hope the brutally bitter truth about things can make an old crusty beer lover like myself dare to dream about a brewpublic full of hope and promise. Here’s a new beer collaboration from three of the best breweries in the world that should have you feeling good about life.

Special Holiday Ale
Collaboration beer made by Stone, Mikkeller, and Alesmith

The “Special Holiday Ale” brewed by the brewers of Stone Brewing (San Marcos, CA), Jolly Pumpkin (Dexter, MI) and Nogne O (Grimstad, Norway) at Stone’s San Marcos facility.  The brew features an assortment of festive ingredients including juniper berries, Southern California sage, caraway and lots of hops.  According to Ron Jeffries of Jolly Pumpkin “It was a collaborative effort we started off shyly and timidly at first throwing out ideas and then things really started to snowball and roll and come together.  We came up with a couple of different drafts and then we finally nailed down a recipe that we think is going to be quite different and quite spectacular.”  Stone’s Mitch Steele adds “It’s a big beer so it should take some time to ferment and age”

Look for this artisan beer across the West Coast by Thanksgiving at select beer locations.

I obtained these quotes and from this video presented to Drinking with Daren.  Daren (Moriarty) is featured on the Cort and Fatboy Show on Portland’s KUFO (101-FM) Radio at 10PM on Wednesdays.

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