Trellis Restaurant Collaborates With Lompoc Brewing For A Beer Dinner

Chef Brian Scheehser, left, and Lompoc's Bryan Keilty

When Trellis Restaurant’s Chef Brian Scheehser recently teamed up with Lompoc Brewing’s Bryan Keilty in Portland, Oregon to create some truly unique beers, there was more in common than their similar first names. Both happen to be graduates of The Culinary Institute of America, and both began their careers in the kitchen. Since then Brewer Bryan Keilty has moved on from pots and pans to brew kettles and kegs. However, Chef Brian Scheehser has stayed in the kitchen but has expanded his knowledge base by growing his own ingredients on his 10-acre farm just outside of Seattle in Woodinville, Washington.

On September 6th, Brian Scheehser traveled down Interstate 5 to Portland to spend the day brewing a trio of beers with Lompoc’s Brian Keilty. Two of these beers incorporated produce and herbs grown on Scheehser’s farm in Woodinville, Washington. The other beer was the 5th beer in Lompoc’s Classic Rock IPA series. This IPA was released earlier this month. Trellis Restaurant in Kirkland, Washington will unveil these hand crafted beers at a special Brewer’s Dinner on November 15th.

Cascade Dinner Series

“At Trellis, we create dishes that center on as many fresh, locally grown ingredients as possible for an authentic farm-to-table experience. But, there’s no need to stop there,” explained Chef Scheehser. “The Pacific Northwest is well known for its craft beer tradition, and working with Lompoc Brewing has provided an excellent opportunity to add more local flavor to our drink menu.

“We’re extremely pleased with how we’ve been able to incorporate flavors from Chef Scheehser’s farm for distinct new brews,” said Keilty. “We think diners will enjoy sampling the resulting beers.”

Chef Brian Scheehser Adding Hops to Bry Bri Miss American Pie IPA

The beer that was brewed from start to finish that day was for Lompoc’s ongoing guest brewed series of rock-n-roll themed IPAs. Bry Bri Miss American Pie IPA is rich, gold in color and features a dry, bitter body at 6.2% ABV. Cascade and Centennial hops contribute an apricot flavor and piney aroma. The hops that were added after the boil were grown on Scheehser’s own farm in Washington state. These are classic American hops for a song full of classic American imagery. Let the hops “save your mortal soul”.

Chef Brian Scheehser Mashing Out

The second beer the two began working on involved using some harvested blackberries and 1/2 pound of thyme grown on Scheehser’s farm. First, Scheehser puréed his farms blackberries and thyme.

Blackberries to be added to make Blackberry Thyme Golden Ale

Next Keilty added the base beer. Using Lompoc’s Fools Golden Ale as the base beer, then Scheehser added fresh puréed blackberries and thyme to a former wine barrel from Washington state’s Maryhill Winery. This marks Keilty’s first occasion of using blackberries in the brewing process. The two felt that the addition of blackberries and thyme would lend a positive flavor profile to the Fools Golden Ale that already offered a light refreshing blend of malted wheat and Crystal hops.

Chef Brian Scheehser Adding Blackberries To Barrel

The resulting beer is Blackberry Thyme Golden Ale. From the fresh sample we were able to taste, the aroma from the thyme was very prominent. As this beer matures, Keilty expects that this aroma will become less prominent.

Sample of In-Progress Blackberry Thyme Golden Ale

The pair also created an Apple Saison, featuring a farmhouse yeast combined with apples and pineapple sage from Scheehser’s farm. Scheehser’s farm currently has over 300 apple trees. The base beer for the Apple Saison is Lompoc’s Cellar D’or.

Chef Brian Scheehser Adding Apples and Pineapple Sage to the Apple Saison

The resulting Chef inspired Apple Saison yielded only 2 1/2 barrels. This one is definitely in limited supply.

All three beers will be served at the dinner, as well as poured at Trellis while supplies last. For those of you not able to make the dinner, Lompoc will have the Blackberry Thyme Golden Ale on tap at Side Bar, probably after November 15th.

The Brewer’s Dinner is part of the on-going Cascade Dinner Series. Seating for the dinner is limited; please call 425-284-5858 or email for reservations. Complete event details and the evening’s menu follow.

WHAT:                Trellis Brewer’s Dinner featuring Lompoc Brewing

WHERE:             The Heathman Hotel – Cascade Room, 220 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, WA

WHEN:                Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 – Reception at 6:30 p.m., dinner begins at 7:00 p.m.

COST:                  $89 for five-course meal, reception and beer pairings. Tax and gratuity not included.


Rabbit Pate
Pumpernickel crisp, stout mustard

Barbeque Bourbon Glazed Duck Prosciutto

IPA Citrus Cured Salmon

Bry Bri Miss American Pie IPA

1st Course
PNW Halibut Fish & Chips
Farmhouse cider vinegar

Chef Inspired Apple Saison

2nd Course
Politically Correct (PC)
Baked Pumpkin Rye Ravioli
Cheddar beer sauce

(No Beer, No Politics & No Religion during this course)

3rd Course
Roasted Tails & Trotters Pork Loin
Apple, blackberry compote

Chef inspired Blackberry Thyme Golden Ale
4th Course
Hop-Monterey Jack
Crafted at Cherry Valley Dairy; pepper crackers

Fresh Hop Harvestman Red
Chocolate Chocolate Cake
Rosemary Porter Hop caramel ice-cream

Rosemary Aged Monster Mash Imperial Porter

Hop Caramels for the Road

About Lompoc Brewing:
A Portland staple since 1996, Lompoc Brewing creates six flavorful year-round beers, plus a ridiculous number of seasonals. You can find Lompoc in 22 oz bottles and on draft at locations around the Northwest, and at its five neighborhood pubs: Lompoc Tavern in Northwest Portland, Fifth Quadrant and Sidebar in North Portland, and Hedge House and Oaks Bottom in Southeast. Drink Local, Drink Lompoc!

About Trellis:
Housed in the luxurious Heathman Hotel ( on Seattle’s eastside in Kirkland, Wash., Trellis is a 90-seat restaurant and bar that features wine country-style cuisine under the direction of executive chef Brian Scheehser, who was featured at the famed James Beard House in New York City as part of its Best Hotel Chefs in America series in 2008. Trellis features a richly appointed environment that is comfortable and warm with food and drink that celebrates small scale, artisan products at the height of their seasonal quality. Trellis’ rustic, farm-fresh, menu characterizes wine country restaurants and evolves with the seasons, always using the best of the current harvest from Scheehser’s ten acre farm in Redmond, Washington as a foundation for its farm-to-table philosophy.  A wine list with more than 200 selections features the best that California, Washington and Oregon vintners have to offer as well as an extensive international collection. Heated and weather protected outdoor seating is available on Trellis’ Front Porch.