TRiNiTY BREWiNG Garners Notable Awards

Jason Yester, aka "Saison Man", of TRiNiTY BREWiNG at 2014 FoBAB

Colorado Springs’ TRiNiTY BREWiNG has recently hit the national and international stage again with some notable awards and humbling mentions. Earlier this month TRiNiTY BREWiNG was awarded two Silver medals at Chicago’s Festival of Barrel Aged Beer (FoBAB) and has also been listed as one of the Top 25 beers in the world for 2014 from DRAFT MAGAZINE.

At the 12th Annual Festival of Wood & Barrel Aged Beer, TRiNiTY BREWiNG of Colorado Springs won a Silver medal for “365 Day Golden Sour” in the Wild Beer/Acidic category (19 entries) and a second Silver Medal for “Easy Swinger Wild IPA,” in the Wild Beer/Brettanomyces category (30 entries).

TRiNiTY BREWiNG's Jason Yester Receives Two Medals at 2014 FoBAB
TRiNiTY BREWiNG’s Jason Yester Receives Two Medals at 2014 FoBAB

Then they were even more shocked with additional great news this past weekend. DRAFT Magazine compiles an annual list of the top 25 beers in the world that were released in that year. For the second consecutive year TRiNiTY BREWiNG made that list! “Easy Swinger Wild IPA,” was named one of the top 25 beers to release in the world during 2014!

“With the increasing momentum and passion behind barrel aged beers, along with the increasing skill level behind the brewers making these beers, it’s a true honor to win not only one but 2 silver medals in these highly competitive categories at Fobab,” Master Brewer Jason Yester noted, “It’s nearly over whelming to again be named one of the top beers in world for 2014 by DRAFT Magazine on the same weekend!”

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