Widmer Brew with the Brewer: Pitch Black IPA @ Uptown Market

WidmerThe public has voted and It has been decided, Widmer is going to be brewing their Pitch Black IPA at Uptown Market on April 14th, 2012.  This event is going to be an epic event of grand proportions.  The plan thus far is for WIdmer to take over all 6 of Uptown Markets Beer Taps.  Uptown Market in the mean time is going to try and do their best to clone a couple of Widmer’s beers, the Drifter Pale ale and the Alt Beer.  Those two will also be on tap for tasting during the event.!

What this means for you:  We have agreed that 4 special people will get the opportunity to be the ones actually brewing with the brewer!

How you ask:  We will be running a contest through our shop with an entry available at purchase announce the winners the first Thursday in April at Uptown Market.  Check back soon for further details!