Widmer Brothers Pub To Offer Up Flights of Brrrbon

Widmer Brrrbon Releases

With this winter chill taking over the Pacific Northwest there’s nothing like hunkering down with some big barrel-aged beers. And one brewery that began barrel aging early on is Widmer Brothers Brewing.

Widmer recently released this year’s version of Brrbon in three varieties, Barrel-Aged Brrrbon, Vanilla Barrel-Aged Brrrbon and Ginger Barrel-Aged Brrrbon. The base beer for Brrrbon is an imperial version of Brrr that has been aged in bourbon barrels. All three varieties are currently available in 22oz wax dipped bottles. You can read more about these three varieties in more detail from our previous post on Brewpublic here.

For those of you that have not had a chance to sample all three varieties of the 2013 Brrrbon, they will all be on tap for a short time at the Widmer Brothers Pub beginning on Monday, December 9th.  A flight of Barrel-Aged Brrrbon ’13, Vanilla Brrrbon ’13, and Ginger Brrrbon ’13 – all three on draught, 5oz pour each, will be available for $7 or $5 for individual 10oz pours.

Widmer Brothers Brrrbon 2013 Releases

And when you realize how great of a deal this flight of 2013 Brrrbon is, Widmer is not stopping the fun times with only this year’s versions of Brrrbon. Widmer will also be offering up a flight of Barrel-Aged Brrrbon ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, Vanilla ’13, and Ginger ’13 – all 6 (’10-’12 poured from bottles), 5oz pour each, for $15. This flight will only be offered Monday, December 9th through Wednesday, December 11th.

This will be a great opportunity to sample the new versions and a nice four year vertical of Brrrbon. We highly recommend reacquainting yourself at Widmer early in the week. Save me a spot at the bar!

Widmer Brothers Pub
955 N. Russell
Portland, OR 97227

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