You Might Be A Beer SNOB if:

My beer brewing friend Shane Walz and I compiled this list of ways to determine if you are a beer SNOB/geek.

You might be a beer snob if:
You might be a beer snob if:

Cerveza says:

  1. You’ve paid as much or more to ship beer as you have for the beer itself.
  2. You take pictures of your beer.
  3. You’ve actually returned beers.
  4. You choose an eatery based upon taplist.
  5. When you hear the name “Michael Jackson”, your first thought isn’t about a pop star.
  6. Your vacations are planned around beer spots.  (This could mean you’ve never been to places like Alabama or Mississippi)
  7. You become agitated if forced to utilize what you consider to be “improper glassware.”
  8. You wear craft brew t-shirts to rock concerts.
  9. You could spout off five beers with “dog” in the name in less than thirty seconds.
  10. Your guests’ itinerary revolves around “must have” beers.
  11. You call bars in advance to find out what they have on tap.
  12. You’d pour out a beer just to try a different one.
  13. A typical conversation for you and your friends involves the terms “IBU”, “ABV”, and “GABF.”
  14. You consider telling a brewer how his/her beer could be better.
  15. You possess a hops or malts tattoo.
  16. “The Reinheitsgebot” are fightin’ words.
  17. Every meal involves a pairing.
  18. You’d consider spending time around someone you do not particularly care for in order to try a beer you consider hard to find.
  19. You attempt to justify a night night out as “research” or “field work.”
  20. You know how to spell Brettanomyces, Lactobaccilus, and Saccharomycetales.
  21. You’ve paid more than $1 per ounce for beer.
  22. Your favorite party accessory is a mixed-six.
  23. You check the Dow Jones or market report for hops trading stock.
  24. You whiff your beer before most quaffs.
  25. The last word alphabetically in your common vernacular is “zymurgy.”
  26. You’ve sought out fungus beers.
  27. You care more about the barrel empty.
  28. You have beer holidays marked on your calendar.
  29. You know the exact dates of beer festivals 4-6 months in advance.
  30. You look forward to the change of seasons due to new beer releases.
  31. You have a favorite distributor.

That’s it for now.  Happy sampling!