You Might Still Be A Beer SNOB If…

Conferring with fellow beer geeks from the area, we have compiled yet another list of ways to determine if you are a beer SNOB.

1. You’ve made it your mission to visit every McMenamins establishment.

2. Physical qualities you look for in a companion include a thick head, a big nose, and long legs.

3. You carry around pictures of beer in your wallet.

4. You have had heated, philosophical conversations about canned beer.

5. You have at least one online picture gallery dedicated to beer.

6. The first thing you do in the morning is check on your favorite beer blogs.

7. You keep Brewha as a road map in your glovebox.

8. You feel naked if you leave home without your beer journal.

9. You have way too much glassware for any practical purpose.

10. You know how to say “beer” in several other languages, despite not speaking those languages.

11. You sometimes are disappointed with the lack of beer options in Portland.

12. You criticize breweries that deep down you know are solid.

13. You feel emotionally distressed when you don’t get the beer you want.

14. You view a hangover as a result of a long night of research.

15. You love beer so much that you get a warm glowing feeling when you talk about a past experience with a particular brew.