No-Li Releases Rise & Grind, Born & Raised, and Mosh Pit in 4-Packs

NO-LI Rise & Grind, Born & Raised, Mosh Pit

No-Li Brewhouse from Spokane, WA may have coined the phrase, Spokane-Style beers but regardless; this brewery continues to make a push in its farther reached distribution. Now the brewery is beginning to release more of its beers in appealing 12 ounce 4-packs. This is a trend that is most welcomed in an industry where the larger format rules supreme.

Now hitting the marketplace in this new packaging from No-Li Brewhouse is Rise & Grind, Born & Raised, and Mosh Pit. With No-Li’s 4-packs serving as a canvas to showcase the diversity, uniqueness and exceptional quality of Northwest ingredients, it makes perfect sense that the landscape of the Inland Empire will serve as home to No-Li’s new brewery.

No-Li Brewhouse“No-Li was Born & Raised in Spokane and it’s humbling to be a part of the evolving craft beer culture here,” says No-Li’s John Bryant. “No-Li is a platform for exploration in beer creation and we need to make more to explore! With each success we have, we see it as an opportunity to highlight what our hometown has to offer. Building Spokane’s first independent, regional brewery since Prohibition would be our way of paying homage to our roots while looking ahead to the future.”

Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale
This tart ale allows drinkers to experience a 100% all natural fruit beer without artificial flavorings, preservatives or adjuncts. The balanced sweet and tart flavors are courtesy of cherries and cranberries grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.
7.5% ABV, 15 IBUs
Malt: 2-Row
Hops: Cluster, Cascade
Other: Cranberry & Cherry Purees

Rise & Grind
Truly unique milk stout that features Gemelli coffee freshly roasted less than 2 miles from the brewery. Rise & Grind – it’s a wake-up call, a brewer’s breakfast. This smooth and luscious ale imparts flavors of coffee, chocolate and toasted grain.
6.1% ABV, 22 IBUs
Malt: 2-Row, Extra Special Roast, Dark Chocolate Malt, Black Malt, Flaked Oats
Hops: Liberty
Other: Lactose, Coffee Grounds

Born & Raised IPA
This big, bold copper-colored ale showcases Munich & Crystal malts to create a big supportive body on which we layer our favorite Washington hops. Chinook & Cascade provide citrus and piney flavors, while Northern Brewer adds a hint of mint. Dry-hopping with Cascade and Columbus increases the beer’s hoppy aromas. Malt, hops and yeast-derived fruitiness combine to create our most complex offering.
7% ABV, 85 IBUs
Malt: 2-row, Crystal, Munich
Hops: Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Northern Brewer, Cluster
Dry-Hopping: Columbus, Cascade