Washington State Beer Scene….Circa 1984

Former Rainier Brewery

Back in 1984 the beer scene in Washington was beginning to expand from the golden days of only Olympia Brewing and Rainier Brewing. During this time Washington saw newcomers Redhook Brewery, Thomas Kemper Brewing, Pyramid Ales, Bert Grants Brewery, Hales Ales, and Kufnerbrau Brewery. Unfortunately only three of these breweries exist today. Oly and Rainier are now brewed in Southern California while Redhook, Pyramid and Hales continue on, albeit in new surroundings.

Want to see what the beer scene was like in 1984? Here’s an old video that we found on the WashingtonBeerTV that brings us a bit of Washington Beer history. There’s even a spry Will Kemper featured in the accompanying video. Enjoy!

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