Celebrate National Lambrusco Day with Riunite Lambrusco Spritz

Cheers to National Lambrusco Day with the Riunite Lambrusco Spritz

On Friday it’s time to celebrate National Lambrusco Day. Being that National Lambrusco Day takes place on Friday, June 21st, just one day after the official first day of Summer 2024, concocting a Riunite Lambrusco Spritz is a no brainer!

Riunite is one of Italy’s most well-known wine brands. Established in 1950, Riunite is a historical Italian wine brand and a global leader in grape and wine production with a diverse portfolio. Produced without added sugars, Riunitie’s wines offer an approachable character and natural sweetness. This category pioneer has been a staple in the American market since the 1970s.

Its Lambrusco is one of its most popular refreshing wines. Its fruity, semi-sweet and a touch fizzy as it sits at just 8% ABV. Arriving in a 750mL bottle, this one is best served chilled.

And since it is almost National Lambrusco Day, we have a nice Lambrusco cocktail recipe for you. Mixing up a Riunite Lambrusco Spritz is so simple and yet so refreshing.

To create a Riunite Lambrusco Spritz, combine 1 part Riunite Lambrusco with 1 part Maschio Prosecco DOC. Next, top it off with a splash of lemonade or a squeeze of lemon, served over ice and garnished with a vibrant lemon wheel. Then just sit back and enjoy this light, fruity spritz that’s perfect for any summer day.

Cheers to National Lambrusco Day!

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