You Need a Better Excuse for Craft Beer?

In Oregon, Craft Beer speaks for itself, clearly, and to be out and about means determining what offering will satiate and be best worth your palate and liver. Oregonians and Cascadians know that beer is both a commodity and a luxury, yet we can quaff away with utter certainty that our love for the liquid malted libations is inherent and has derived from our passion for the glass that makes us who we are.

My brother Mario, got me a couple tickets to for to the AAA Minor League Baseball All-Star Game at PGE Park in Portland on July 15, 2009 for my birthday. What a time it was! Thanks, brohammer. The game was close and the International League skimmed out a close win over the Pacific Coast League. You gotta respect baseball and brews as an integral part of American craft culture.

Simple pours of classic brews like BridgePort IPA and Widmer Hefe define who we are. A pass to the various local beer fests means we recognize the obligatory prost is in full effect.

PDX beer writer Ken Kane at PGE Park
PDX beer writer Ken Kane at PGE Park

What do you need to make you smile?  A beer from the Oregon Craft Beer scene?  Any follower of the sport would be enamored by the overflow of love for this sort of Americana sportive event.  My brother and I patroned Rock Bottom Brewing in downtown Portland to witness the lusciously hoppified American Dream IPA seasonal alongside the mainstay Sunny Day IPA crafted by Van Havig. Thank heavens for great beer and a pint of Long Hammer or Drifter (Craft Brewers Alliance betterment) at this shindig!

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