Worthy Brewing Releases A New & Improved Kama Citrus IPA

image of Kama Citrus IPA courtesy of Worthy Brewing
image of Kama Citrus IPA courtesy of Worthy Brewing

For 2018, Worthy Brewing has re-launched its Kama Citrus IPA with an updated recipe. Worthy updated the recipe with tropical blood orange and pink guava flavors.

“We like to keep things fresh, exciting, and topical,” said Dustin Kellner, Worthy’s Brewmaster, in a statement. “As a brewer, there’s nothing better than experimenting with new ingredients and coming up with something to restoke the passions. We love it and hope our customers will too.”

Aside from the new fruit additions, the re-romanced Kama includes a balanced blend of Ekuanot, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

“This year we are going bigger on the fruit flavor,” said Zach Brenneman, Worthy’s Head Brewer, in a statement. “But the bitterness will remain subdued. We changed up the recipe in the pursuit of a sweeter, ‘date-night’ beer.’ This year we added Blood Orange and Guava – two tropical heavyweights. Appearance wise, it clocks in on the cloudier side of clarity. Overall, we think this is a beer that will help you connect with what and who you love”

Kama Citrus IPA is now available in 12-ounce bottles and draft in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California through September 2018.