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Brew HappyWe at Brewpublic are delighted to announce that we’ll be on a great new Internet Radio show called Brew Happy today at 2PM. Brew Happy is on PDX.FM, a network of streaming radio and podcast shows based in Portland, Oregon. The network launched in September 2009 and, as of February 2010, has approximately thirty shows that stream live across two channels. Most of the shows premier live on either a daily or weekly schedule, and all but the music shows are available for download from iTunes as well as from the individual shows’ websites within a day of airing.

Brew Happy (l to r): Host Susanna Parker, producer Sabrina Miller, and host Damian DeBruiser

Brew Happy “airs” every Wednesday at 2PM Pacific Standard Time and older installments can be downloaded from’s site. Hosts Damian DeBrusier and Susanna Parker are on a quest to expand their audiences love and appreciate for brewing and beer culture. Damian is a bartender and Susanna works at Laurelwood. Both bring an iBrew Happy host Susanna Millernteresting dynamic to the show. Past guests thusfar have included Brett Joyce, President of Rogue Ales, Van Havig, Senior Brewer at Portland, Oregon’s Rock Bottom Brewery, and Chris Spollen and Sean Thommen, both brewers at Amnesia Brewing. Today’s show with Brewpublic highlights the greater Oregon craft beer community and discusses some up coming events not to miss. We also promote our friends and sponsors Upright Brewing Company while tasting their Gose and Flora Rustica brews. There’s also a bottle of Cascade Brewing’s Sang Rouge sour blend in the mix. Tune in today and become a sponsor of those who support craft beer in your area. We are happy to say that Brew Happy is the latest sponsor of Brewpublic and we look forward to working with them more in the future! Cheers!

From their site:

About Brew Happy

Brew Happy is a show about the enjoyment and making of our favorite beverages. Although we mainly feature beers we like to enlighten people that there is more to brewing than just drinking beer. Our goal is to feature a different guest each week to speak about the brew of their choice. Our guests vary from the seasoned brewer to the impassioned connoisseur, but each of our guests is marked by their years of experience and their love of a certain brew.

Damian DeBuiser:
An experienced Bar tender he seeks to broaden not only his own knowledge of the nature of fine brews but to bring that knowledge others of similar interests.

Susanna Parker:
A beer brewer that has worked with Salmon Creek brewery and Laurelwood brewery, as well as being en experienced home brewer, also seeks to broaden her own knowledge and share her joy with others of like mind.

Brew Happy hosts Susanna Miller (left) and Damian DeBruiser

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