Hale's Prevails at Concordia's Washington Cup

Hale’s Ales SuperGoose IPA wins the Washington Cup! Second straight year “Hales prevails” at the Washington Cup!

Current Beer Brawl Captain Bill Prieb and his “Brewing Crew”  will once again captain Washington Beer Brawl IV team, going for the repeat win in February 2011.    Washington beat Oregon 1206 – 1201 in a “slugfest” in Beer Brawl III 2010.   No state has won “Beer Brawl” twice in a row, but the Hale’s Team will have months to dial in their line-up for Beer Brawl IV, hand picking their states best Pale Ale, Imperial IPA, Stout and Brewer’s Choice.    Beer Brawl IV will take place the last week of February 2011   Will Oregon and California step it up?  We will see…….


In the order on your taster tray

6. Hales SuperGoose IPA 1st place

4. Diamond Knot XIPA 2nd place

9. Dick’s Imperial Red 3rd Place

2. Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA 4th place

1. Mac-N-Jacks African Amber

3. Baron Uberweiss

5. Salmon Creek King Salmon IPA

7. Everybody’s Seasonal IPA

8. Lazy Boy IPA

10. Walkingman’s Knuckle Dragger


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