John I. Haas Inc. Introduces LUPOMAX Concentrated Lupulin Pellet

A new concentrated hop pellet is now available from John I. Haas, Inc. Now brewers can use the new LUPOMAX that offers a consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor.

John I. Haas, Inc., a world-leading hops supplier and innovator, introduced its latest breakthrough in hop-forward brewing innovation, LUPOMAX. The company’s new concentrated lupulin pellet reliably delivers the great hop flavors brewers and consumers crave while reducing beer loss. Designed with targeted specifications for reliable brewing performance each and every time, LUPOMAX is available today in some of our most popular hop brands – Citra®, Mosaic®, and SABRO®, with more choices coming with the 2020 crop.

Backed by the John I. Haas Sensory Plus process that combines sensory-based hop selection with advanced technical analysis and proprietary manufacturing process, LUPOMAX adds an invaluable solution to optimize hop flavors while reducing beer loss.

“Bigger, bolder, brighter! The reduced vegetative matter of LUPOMAX pellets gives me a clean hop flavor and really saves on beer loss, too,” said HAAS® Innovations Brewery Head Brewmaster, Virgil McDonald in a statement. “Can be used at any stage in the brewing process, but it really shines where flavor intensity and reducing beer loss matter most, like dry-hopping” 

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